I had a "Giant Cavernous Aneurysm" behind my left eye. I went to Dallas for surgery and it was killed...however post op my eye is unresponsive. It is if I am looking out of a steamy shower door. Some days it is better than others. Please pray that my sight will be restored. God has been putting words on my heart that I feel I must put on paper. The following thoughts are those I feel that the Lord is speaking to me lately. Enjoy.

March 25, 2010


A good friend and Pilot of the Space Shuttle mission STS-130, Col. Terry Virts asked me to write a devotional while they were at the Space Station in February. This is what I wrote...

The Front Range in Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the country. The magnificence of Pikes Peak is defined by how it towers above the surrounding peaks into the blue Colorado sky. Most of the year, its’ summit is covered elegantly with a graceful blanket of snow.

On a recent early morning drive down I-25, dense fog had settled over the front range. The mountains were no longer visible. Pikes Peak had simply vanished overnight…her beauty was hidden by the thick cloud cover. I wondered how many people were driving through Colorado Springs for the first time thinking, “Where is the beauty? I have always heard that Colorado Springs was scenic.” Unimpressed, they travel on, never witnessing the beauty that was right next to them. They never laid eyes on the 14,000-foot giant beside them. They simply drove by, oblivious to her majesty.

Perspective is an amazing thing. One day the sun shines brightly on the towering Goliath and the next day it seemingly disappears into thin air.

For twelve days, you will enjoy a perspective that few humans will ever have the honor of witnessing.

As you float past Asia, I wonder if the Great Wall of China will resemble a string of Lego blocks quickly assembled by a two year old? As you soar over Mount Everest, perhaps you will be reminded of a Q-tip rising sharply from the surrounding landscape. As you drift over Africa, will the Great Pyramids of Giza look like sugar cubes sprinkled over the countryside? From your vantage point, as you slowly drift over the United States of America, does the grandest of the canyons look like a small footprint in the desert?

It’s amazing that man’s greatest monuments are almost unrecognizable from your perch. God’s grandest creations on Earth quickly focus into perspective. I suppose from 200 miles above the Earth everything seems small.

Astronauts have the unique ability to see our Earth from a new and different point of view.

Today, like those who sit in the Pilot’s seat on the Space Shuttle, I pray that my obstructed view becomes unobstructed. I want to see clearly, not because my circumstances have changed, but because in faith, I can see through the fog of life. I pray that I allow God to elevate me above the haze of my circumstances. I pray that I understand that the One who created the mountains also commands them to bow down in His presence.

It’s all about perspective. Some days God’s majesty is clear, and some days it takes faith to remember what He looks like. No matter the weather, it’s good to know that the mountain hasn’t moved.

I have to admit, I have astronaut envy. How I long to see obstacles for what they are…objects that stand in between me and God.

The majesty of the mountain still towers next to you. Remember this moment in space and time…no matter what obstacles you face.

Psalm 36: 5-9 (The Message)

God's love is meteoric,
his loyalty astronomic, His purpose titanic, his verdicts oceanic. Yet in his largeness nothing gets lost; Not a man, not a mouse, slips through the cracks. How exquisite your love, O God! How eager we are to run under your wings.

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